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A talented, under the radar fixture in the Motor City music scene for years, accomplished Detroit musician Randy Brewer has stepped forward to claim his place in the spotlight with a cache of new material and ambitious plans.

The multi-dimensional Brewer, who has for years written original music containing components of timeless, classic rock reminiscent of the greatest of the rock decades, has adapted to the changing music models by incorporating modern rock elements in his compositions. Additionally, Brewer has written edgy, hard rock power ballads to include in his expansive songwriting arsenal, and the new material is quickly capturing industry and fan attention.

In addition to collaborating with emerging Detroit area artists

Maria Montoya and Jayme Orr, Brewer has integrated nationally acclaimed guest vocalist Christina Chriss into his new recordings.

Influenced by brilliant and diverse guitarists such as Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana and Slash, Randy Brewer has a lifelong passion for music and and the determination and drive to overcome obstacles. Playing and writing with intensity and passion, Brewer firmly believes that anything can be achieved with hard work, tenacity and personal resolve.

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